Joining the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club

Thank you for showing interest in the Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club! We are always ready to welcome people like yourself who not only have a love for the history of our National Pastime, but are eager to get out on the field and actually PLAY BALL! The vintage base ball community features so many amazing people from all walks of life playing on dozens of teams throughout the country and is easily among the finest of sports communities, with true gentlemanly spirit of play prized more than titles and trophies.

Below are some of the common questions and concerns asked when it comes to joining the CVBBC:

The Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club (CVBBC) is a non-profit, private social/sports club whose aim is to demonstrate how the game of base ball was played in its formative years, 1869 in particular. We do this by playing matches according to the documented rules and customs of the day and using period-appropriate uniforms, equipment and methods of play. We share a mutual respect for the game and one another, and through our experiences in playing vintage base ball, we continue to learn more about the beginnings of our National Pastime.

The CVBBC was officially formed in 2000, though the seeds of the organization started with the Sharonville Shamrocks in the 1990’s. Our first team was named the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings with the blessing of the MLB Cincinnati Reds. In 2001, a second team was started, the Cincinnati Buckeyes, who were named after the local rivals of the Red Stockings in the late 1860’s. Though we’ve had longtime associations with the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and the Heritage Village Museum, we have always operated independently of both.

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