The Original Vintage Base Ball Club of the Queen City

The Cincinnati Vintage Base Ball Club is an organization founded in the late 1990’s that faithfully recreates the sport of base ball as it was played in it’s formative days, particularly 1869.  Why 1869?  Because that was the year the famed Cincinnati Red Stockings toured the country, defeating all opponents and formally introducing professional base ball to America.

We have been honored to use the team name, the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, since 2001 at the blessing of the Cincinnati Reds.  A year later, the Cincinnati Buckeyes were started, to honor the historical local rivals of the Red Stockings and to be their rivals again today (albeit friendlier).  Our ballists play in recreated uniforms with equipment made only to the standards of the period.  However, that equipment does NOT include gloves, which were not widely used until the 1880’s and is perhaps the most striking difference between vintage and modern ball.  We utilize the rules, customs and terminology of base ball’s earliest days, and honor good sportsmanship and gentlemanly behavior, creating an educational, historic and fun environment that anyone can enjoy.

The Red Stockings and Buckeye make our home at the Heritage Village Museum in Sharon Woods Park, just north of Cincinnati, OH.  The small village of relocated buildings from the Civil War and Victorian eras provides the perfect backdrop for 1869 base ball and makes “Dan Lyon Field” one of the very best spots in the country to view a vintage base ball game.  We often play at other locations around the region as well, and occasionally get out-of-town, having played vintage ball from Boston to St. Louis.

If you like to contact us about joining the club, playing vintage base ball, or hosting a vintage base ball game at your next event, please email us at